Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interview with Spiritual Author Essa Adams

Join us as we chat with Essa Adams, author of the A Breath Floats By. Read on as we explore Essa Adam's world combining her spiritual writing style with plus size heroines to create her own brand of Women's Fiction.

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1)Tell us about yourself? We could say I am eccentric. I live in the Great Lakes Region and run a small business with resources for the right environmental choices we all need to make. I write every second of my working day. Love Newfoundland dogs, pet skunks. Want to live in the UP or Nova Scotia and am such a gypsy that leasing suits me more than owning a home. Love rowing, biking, gardening. I am a plush post-menopausal woman who is bent on writing until I die.

2)How long have you been writing? What drove you to pick up that pen for the first time? My love of elementary English then high school term papers. My first novel was the well-received Forever, Moore (Forevermore by Emily Frost in early 1990s) which included a plus-size heroine -- soon to be re-released.

3)You call yourself a spiritual author. What exactly do you mean by spiritual author? Spirituality fiction. Not to be confused with spiritual fiction which often means religious-based. A Breath Floats By is more visionary, metaphysical, inspirational. Offering insight into the lives of women who hold spiritual gifts that they need to accept and use for their loved ones and the world. Spiritual gifts can include the intuitive, the dream messenger, reincarnation impressionist, the artist, singer, writer, cook, healer, dancer, mother, the goddess, the gardener, the recycling enthusiast.

The book is dedicated to all those on their journey to know their natural talent and gift. In the world now, we are asked to step up and be recognized by the spiritual world, to bring all we have to offer. That gift of bringing it all, that is the most blessed of all gifts because the joy of serving with our gifts is beyond beauty.

4)Your novel, A Breath Floats By features a plus size heroine. Please tell us a little about A Breath Floats by and the plus size heroine featured in this novel. I believe the story came to me, not me to it, and it practically plotted itself. I was surprised with the storyline, the honesty of the characters, their love complications. Basically, they are a soul group finding themselves incarnated in present-day. One married the best friend of her soul-flame… then realized it after she became pregnant. One intends to get her soul-flame back, do or die. One is bound to her life by regret. There are spiritual quests and friendship and outrage. There is this mystic turn I did not plan. I asked my daughter, ‘Why does this have to happen in my book?’ and she answered, ‘Why not your book?’ It’s not that the story is paranormal, it is more a light metaphysical of the possibilities that can happen to any one of us. There is a thin veil to life and the other side. I like for readers to imagine… imagine you look up and there is your personal psychic again and she has promised pre-birth that she will bring you to your work on time. Whether it kills you or not, she does not care… she just wants her soul-flame back. Now that, that is some good women’s fiction.

5)Why did you chose to feature a plus size heroine in A Breath Floats By? The women introduced themselves. Lindsay. Gooee. Heather Laurel. They are all plus-sized crones, if you will. Crones. Wise women. Goddess material. Women in the age of menopause.

The questions is, do plus-size women carry more energy to impact their surroundings. Are plus-size women energy and miracle conductors of their own right?

These women have been of the Ojibwe nation and Midwewin Grand Medicine Society. Before then, they were at the Druid universities. And before, they were orientated by the Kaloo to prepare for Jesus’ arrival and life work. Their soul group reaches into all the societies and eras when the large women were accepted and approached for their gifts… yes, all their gifts, wink. And here they are in modern era with no apologies and no explanation for their size… they just are.

6)What is up next for Essa Adams. Is there another novel in the work? Will it feature a plus-size heroine? All of them will feature plus-size heroines. It’s what I do.

7)What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a writer? Marketing. The marketing keeps me from the writing.

8)Where do you see yourself a year from now? With a marketer, so I can write.

I see Forever, Moore re-released. That novel introduces Malany and Moore, lovers bound by a slight reincarnation-tie that is elusive but very much felt. Also the anthology that follows A Breath Floats By with the character tie-ins and the past life incarnations of this soul group.

I see A Breath Floats By selling well on Amazon and worldwide, well enough. The readers are either into women’s fiction, the metaphysical, are into spirituality, and/or plush women who love to read about other plush women and big beautiful men. That’s quite a large world of potential readers.

I also see my online business of natural products growing naturally. I write what I believe, others find the products they need.

I see myself living in a different house because this lake cottage will be redesigned by then so it can be rented to vacationers. I see a butterfly and bird garden with a water fountain in the trees outside my small bungalow office…. quiet sunsets and wind chimes in the breeze. I am looking forward.

9)On a more personal level, you mention on your website that you are a life path consultant. What exactly is a life path consultant. How would those interested in having a life path consultation get in touch with you? Half my time is spent giving service through this compilation of life path resources we have in this world. We are not birthed here with no foundations. I believe there is a plan and we get some written instructions that has been with us from the days of Atlantis and the Kaloo. Astrological ascendants, flower essence soul-types and numerology. I believe in all these. I love doing these ‘reports’ for clients because they find such insight into their lives and their struggles. It worked for me. I realized all three gave even more insight, so I purposed the three to serve individuals. The life path guidance charts are actually essays deemed for each client, along with a personal letter that explains what I am seeing in my research for them and what I feel as an intuitive. If there has been a dream connection that I feel is for that particular client, I include it in the letter. The ‘charts’ are more writing. Loving it.

10)What are you reading now? What types of books (genres) do you read in general? Who are your favorite authors? Women’s fiction is my favorite genre. Anne Rivers Siddons, Maeve Binchy, Judith Marshall, Rebecca Wells. Kate Maloy, Rosamunde Pilcher, Michelle Wildgen. All women’s fiction.

11)Tell us about the online and offline personal appearances you have planned over the next couple of months. How can readers get in contact with you? Do you have a website? Being a very private person who only writes, I don’t use appearances for my promotion. Contact me through

My online sites are numerous, connecting me to all my passions.
Women’s Fiction Blog: Myths, Dense Observations and Lies We Are Told plus great books

Age of Menopause Blog

The Right Environmental Choice with resources and info on enviro-friendly garden, lawn, farm and commercial fertilizers, along with answers to greater longevity for vehicles and the best protocol for women using synthetic oil.

Pet Skunks for Sale Blog at

ESSA Books which encompasses my spirituality reading and reviews. There are more, but you get the idea…. writing wakes me in the morning.

12)What is the one thing you would like all of your readers to know about you? I do dream interpretations when there is a connection with someone. I don’t get to communicate with spirits, at least I don’t think so, hmmm. But I do this on donation only, just like the main character in A Breath Floats By. I feel I am to tell everyone this is available to them. The ones who will benefit will email with their request. It is what it is. And yes, I balked longer than Lindsay in the book. But I love doing the dreams now, I am not afraid.

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