Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interview with Author Debra Phillips (d.y. Phillips) - Author of the The High Price Of A Good Man (A Curvy Comedic Novel) and Love Trumps Game

Join us as we chat with Debra Phillips (d.y.phillips), Author of The High Price Of A Good Man and Love Trumps Game.

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1. Tell us about yourself. I'm the author of four books. A writer that refuse to be lumped into a "genre". I just love to write.

2. How long have you been writing? On and off for over forty years. I didn't get serious about being published until my children were in their teens

3. What drove you to pick up that pen for the first time? It had to be the love for the written word. Sometimes after reading a short story or a book I would get the feeling that I could have written it better, so I picked up the pen to see what I could do.

4. Your book: The High Price Of A Good Man features a plus size heroine. Please tell us what this book is about. Why did you choose to feature a plus size heroine in this novel? The story is about the big, bold and beautiful Queenie who pays for her
perception of a "dream man" at a charity auction, and she is determined to get her money's worth.

While she is searching for love in all the wrong places, true love is right under her nose. If you like romantic comedy, this would be the book.

5. Do you have any other plus size heroines planned for future books? Absolutely. As a plus size woman myself, I can see the inner beauty of women of all sizes. Plus size females have stories that need to be told.

6. Your latest release: Love Trumps Game (by d.y. phillips) has received excellent reviews from both The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers and Urban Reviews. Please tell us a little about your latest release and how readers can purchase a copy of your book.
Because I claim no particular genre to write in, I decided to try my hand at an "urban" type story. I'm always amazed at the strong and spicy grand-mothers that step up to the plate to raise their grandkids when their parents can't. Once I came up with Hattie Mae, the main character of Love Trumps Game, the story pretty much wrote itself.

Hattie Mae is the young and spicy grandmother that has to go on the run with her two streetwise grandchildren to keep them from their drug-dealing, Homicidal father.

I penned Love Trumps Game under my initials (D.Y. Phillips), which is my alter ego. The book can be purchased at all online bookstores, and most major bookstores. It's also available at Black Expressions Book Club. An excerpt of the book can be found on

7. What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a writer? Finding affordable ways to promote my books. Book signings are okay, but they are only a fraction of what it takes to make a book successful. After you write the book and get it published, the real work is promoting that book.

8. What is the next literary challenge in store for Debra Phillips? To get to the Essence Bestseller list, this is my goal and challenge for now. Next, I want to write a literally book that will find its way to the New York Bestseller list. It's the ultimate goal for most writers.

9. What are you reading now? Who are your favorite authors? I'm reading 1-900-Anytime by Tracy Price-Thompson. As for favorite authors, there are too many to list, but to name a few they would be: Mary Monroe, Zane, Reon Laudat, Tracy Price-Thompson, and Noire.

10. Tell us about the online and offline personal appearances you have planned over the next couple of months. Where can readers connect with you up close and personal. I'm still in the process of setting up book signings . . . I'm working on a virtual tour and some chat room appearances. Once plans are finalized, I'll be posting the dates and times on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

11. How can readers get in contact with you? Do you have a website? Readers can always email me at: Please keep it positive because I'm a sensitive soul. My official website is down for a spell, but they can always check me out on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace at:

12. What is the one thing you would like your readers to know about you? That I appreciate each and everyone that took the time to check my books out and purchase a copy. Without devoted fans, authors would be nothing except writers without an audience. Thank you and I love you.


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I enjoyed your interview and the positive tone of it and that is always refreshing. Hope your website goes up soon. Best of luck.