Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interview with Author Caramel Vixen aka Alisson Deese

Join us as we chat with Allyson Deese, author and a sister with curves doing her thing and letting her readers know that curvy is sexy. Please feel free to comment on her interview. Leave a comment on this interview before November 28th and be entered into a drawing to win a free book of your choice.

1) Tell us about yourself? I am a native of Western North Carolina, where I reside with my family. I also juggle being a full time student majoring in Medical Office Administration and computer lab tutor on campus.

2) How long have you been writing? I have been writing poetry since the age of 11. I began writing short stories and essays briefly in high school and then I picked it back up three years after that. So almost 14 years in total. Wow, I had never really thought about how long I had been writing.

3) How long have you been writing about plus size women? I have been writing exclusively about plus size women ever since 2006 when I first started writing with the intention of being published. My mission is to push the envelope of plus size acceptance and make it clear that we as plus size women are just as sexy and have just as much to offer as our thinner counterparts.

4) You write under both Allyson Deese and Caramel Vixen. What is the difference in your two literary identities? The main difference in my two literary identities is that Allyson Deese is my birth name and I mainly write inspirational and contemporary pieces under that name. Caramel Vixen is the diva that Allyson Deese was too shy to become when I first began writing. I love writing romance and erotica exclusively for and about BBWs under that name.

5) Your latest paperback release, Office Affairs featured a plus size heroine? What other works do you have featuring plus size women? Office Affairs is my first paperback release as Caramel Vixen, originally Office Affairs was an e-novella published under Lady Leo Publishing. Currently at Lady Leo Publishing you can find: Ready for Love, No Matter What and Mr. Magic Fingers

6) You have a number of e-books featuring plus size women? Why did you decide to go the e-book publishing route for some of your books? E-books gave me my start in the writing industry. I will always be grateful for Lady Leo Publishing for initially giving me a chance. The majority of my e-books are short stories, and I’m currently working on turning some of them into novels for print.

7) Why did you choose to feature plus size heroines in your novels? I am a plus size woman and I wanted to see more women like myself in romance and erotica and it was hard to find positive plus size heroines, so I decided to create some.

8) Do you plan to write more books featuring plus size characters? All of my books of all genres will have a woman who’s at least a size 14 as the main character.

9) Tell us about Office Affairs and the plus size heroine we will meet in this book.
Office Affairs is an erotic romance about the discovery of love, self worth. The main plus size heroine that you will meet in this book is Allysia Donaldson, a BBW who at only 30 years of age, owns her own clothing company, Ample Delights, which is centrally located in beautiful Manhattan. Allysia is very successful in her business endeavors but when it comes to love, she’s batting zero.

10) What are you reading now? What types of books (genres) do you read in general? Right now, unfortunately I’m reading “Beginners Medical Transcription” (a textbook) but, I’m looking forward to digging into my book wish list and reading quite a few books over winter break. I generally read contemporary fiction, romance and erotica. I,ve always been an avid reader.

11) Who are your favorite authors? Just a few of my favorite authors are (in no particular order) Linda Herman, Hazel Mills, Victoria Wells, and Zane. Just to name a few.

12) Tell us about the online and offline personal appearances you have planned over the next couple of months. Where can readers connect with you up close and personal. November 28th I will be doing a signing in Atlanta signing copies of After Dark Delights, the latest of my anthology features. Readers can always contact me via email and request to see or talk to me at :

13) How can readers get in contact with you? Do you have a website? Readers can reach me at the above email address and also at my websites; and

14) What is the one thing you would like all of your readers to know about you? That I get just as excited about meeting a famous author as they do. Or I still get giddy whenever I receive a new book to read.

About Caramel Vixen - Allyson Deese is an author and a poet as well as a student majoring in Medical Office Administration. She resides in North Carolina. Although only in her twenties, she has been writing poetry for most of her life and has now began penning her poetry into the pages of her fictional stories of multiple genres. "Discovering the Joy Within" is the author's first work of fiction to be published. You can find “Discovering the Joy Within” featured in Elissa Gabrielle’s anthology “The Triumph Of My Soul” available now, look for Ms. Deese and friends, in the third installment of the Triumph series. Ms. Deese is currently working on the novel version of Discovering the Joy Within for a 2010 release with Xpress Yourself Publishing


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Thanks for this opportunity Dee-dee!

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I loved the interview and the book sounds great. There is a need for more plus side women in print.